A list of the types of documents available in the Clearinghouse for this case. For example, if the array includes "Complaint (any)", then there is at least one document that is a complaint for the case.


Any published opinion

A judicial opinion or order that has been published in a reporter. For more information on what it means for an opinion to be published, see Citations.

Complaint (any)

A document that contains the facts underlying the lawsuit, the plaintiff's legal claims, and what the plaintiff would like the court to do. A complaint often starts a case.

Injunctive (or Injunctive-like) Relief

A document that sets forth how a party will change its behavior. This could be a court order or a settlement.

Monetary Relief

A document that awards monetary relief (e.g. damages) to a party.

Non-settlement Outcome

A document that provides an outcome to a case that is not a settlement, e.g. a judgment.

Trial Court Docket

The trial court docket for the case. This includes both dockets saved as PDF documents and dockets saved as Docket Entry objects. For more about the different ways we save dockets, see Docket Entry.

U.S. Supreme Court merits opinion

A U.S. Supreme Court opinion that contains legal analysis (as opposed to e.g. only denying certiorari).

None of the above

We have no documents that fall into the above categories.



A list of document objects. For descriptions of the document fields, see Document.

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