Resource Details



URL to the PDF file of the resource (if applicable). If the resource is a webpage, then file is null.



We collect a several kinds of resources, which are usually different kinds of things.


Clearinghouse Links to External Resources

Links to other websites with information relevant to a case. For example, an ACLU webpage describing a case it litigated or an Oyez entry for a case heard by the Supreme Court.

Articles about the Clearinghouse

Articles or webpages, including news coverage, about the Clearinghouse or describing Clearinghouse projects.

Articles that use the Clearinghouse

Law review or other periodicals that cite entries in the Clearinghouse.

Case Studies

A law review article, book, or other resource that discusses a case in the Clearinghouse.

Clearinghouse Report

A white paper or report produced by the Clearinghouse.



The title of the resource, usually as it appears in the resource itself.



The full name of the author or authors, if they are individuals.



The author of the resource, if it's an institutional author. The institutional affiliation of an author, if the author is an individual.



Identifies whether a resources was created by a student or faculty member. Used only for pieces published in law reviews or other periodicals. The options are:

Author RoleDescription


Resource is not a law review article or periodical.


Written by a professor.

Law Student

Written by a law student.


Written by a non-law student.



A brief description of the resource. For law review pieces and other periodicals, we copy and paste the abstract into this field. For other kinds of resources we usually copy a representative paragraph or compose a quick description of the resource.



The date a resource was created or published. The format of this string is "YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZ". The time zone (TZ) will be either -5:00 for Eastern Standard Time or -4:00 for Eastern Daylight Time.



A written version of the date the resource was published or created. This field allows us to differentiate different issues of periodicals (e.g. "Fall 2021", "May 1996").



The citation for a resource. Usually used for law review articles or other periodicals.



A link to the resource elsewhere on the web.



For articles in law reviews or other periodicals, this field is the name of the publication.

For websites, this field is the root of website.

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