Case Status

These fields relate to the Clearinghouse's internal information about a case (as opposed to information about how the case is proceeding in the real world).



The case_status indicates where a case is in the process of filling out the summary and metadata.

Possible values:



The case's summary and metadata are complete.

Coding Complete

The case's metadata is complete, but the summary may not have been published yet and is likely awaiting internal review.

In Process (Public)

The case has been added to the Clearinghouse, but work on the summary and metadata has not started or is in progress. There may be a temporary 1-2 sentence summary, but it is likely that there is incomplete information.

The case status can be helpful in interpreting empty values for some fields. For example, if a case's order_start_year is empty and case_status is "In Process (Public)", then it's possible the case did have an injunction (or injunctive-like order) but we have yet to enter in that piece of metadata. On the other hand, if order_start_year is empty, case_ongoing is "No", and case_status is "Approved", then there was no injunction (or injunctive-like order) in the case.



The date that the case was last checked – i.e. the case is up to date as of the last_checked_date. This string is in the format "YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:ssTZ".



The status of the main docket for the case.



This field has not been set yet. This is likely because the case's metadata is not complete – see case_status.

Complete as of retrieval date

The docket is complete up to the date it was last retrieved. The docket entries may be present as Docket Entry objects or as one of the case's document.


We have only part of the docket.


We have no docket for this case. This might be because there is no docket or because we do not have access to the docket.

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